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LabStats: A Hardware & Software Tracking Tool for Data-driven Decision Making

LabStats hardware and software tracking is essential for higher education institutions to monitor their IT assets and user access. With LabStats, CIOs can do more with less. From assigning budgets to the IT department to tracking hardware and software usage on campus, LabStats offers a gamut of features to boost efficiency and productivity.

Students need access to hardware resources across campus, and top software to maximize learning. We provide you with the tools for better management of all IT resources. Plus, you can also manage all software licenses from a cutting-edge dashboard and ensure compliance with license terms. 

Top Features for Data-backed Decisions 

With LabStats, you get: 

·        Live availability of on-campus and remote systems, which can be published on your university's website or kiosk.

·        Real-time hardware and software usage insights.

·        Direct access to swathes of love and historical data.

·        Providing a remote access facility to students so they can easily connect to resources anywhere.

·        Real-time display of all available computer systems across labs and classrooms - displayed on student's smartphones.

Campus-wide Insights

LabStats hardware and software tracking helps you to align campus-wide goals with your IT budget. Monitor IT assets 24/7 and share concise reports across departments for greater results. 1000s of universities and colleges have already benefited from LabStats. Yours can be next.  

Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to to get in touch with our support team today. Take a free trial or a walkthrough to learn more. 


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