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Old School Business Promotions Can Still Work

When it comes to choosing free giveaway items for business promotion, calendars still hold a significant place on the list. Calendar printing and distribution with book fulfillment is cost-effective, and calendars tend to be items people keep and utilize more than other promotional items. While smartphones have hurt watch and desk calendar sales, wall calendars are still used in many situations. Additionally, they are commonly integrated into the work of life or nutrition coaches with their clients. Calendars are practical tools for recording behaviors and can assist clients in making rapid improvements.

If calendars don't align with your business, consider electronic cases, which are gaining popularity as branded giveaway items. People carry their smartphones everywhere, and a well-designed case can serve as fantastic free advertising. Similarly, tablet cases can provide another promotional avenue, especially given their owners' heavy usage of tablets. For businesses with a larger budget, laptop cases are also worth considering. In addition to calendars, journaling or diary-keeping experiences periods of increased popularity. Many people long for the experience of writing and journaling by hand.

Providing calendars for these purposes could be well-received by recipients. The choice between these items ultimately depends on the nature of your business and its clientele. Printed items and tangible goods may be more effective if your customer base consists of older individuals rooted in the analog world. Conversely, younger customers, while reliant on tech devices for daily needs, still appreciate receiving freebies. To elevate your business promotion efforts, consider designing and producing multiple items, including calendars, and allowing clients to choose the one that best suits them and their needs.

Alternatively, you can offer different items as rewards for clients in varying tiers. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; experimenting with your customers to determine what they value and utilize the most is advisable. Preferences may also change over time, so the most effective programs continuously test new additions while retaining the most popular promotional items until new favorites emerge. In a world where so much happens online, adding physical promotional items like calendars and other merchandise can give your marketing a fresh dimension – and help you stand out from the crowd.


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