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Buy High-quality Thermal Paper from Master Distributors 

Thermal paper is a special kind of paper that is used to print receipts and labels. These papers have multi-layered coatings consisting of dyes and resins that change color when subjected to heat from a thermal printer head. 

At Master Distributors, we source high-quality thermal papers for fulfilling a wide range of POS functions like cash registers, credit card terminals, adding machines, gas stations, event and gaming tickets, medical charts, and more. Unlike conventional printing, thermal printing doesn't require ink cartridges or ribbons to print media. 

Master Distributors is the #1 wholesaler and supplier of POS solutions, including thermal papers. We have thermal papers in a wide range of sizes to be used in conjunction with thermal prints from top brands. 

Why Switch to Thermal Printing?

Thermal paper was first developed in 1965 and has since been a mainstay in the print industry. Thermal printing is widely used across industries due to the numerous benefits it provides. 

Firstly, their non-reliance on ink cartridges or ribbons makes them a cost-effective alternative to inkjet printing. No need to spend on ink cartridges or ribbons - all you need is a thermal printer and thermal paper and you're ready to print. 

Secondly, thermal printers have fewer moving parts than conventional printers, making them less susceptible to costly breakdowns and maintenance. 

Lastly, images and media from thermal printing are produced in a matter of milliseconds, making them apt solutions in high-volume environments. 

If you aren't using thermal paper, it's time to switch now. Contact Us at 1-888-905-7008 or send an email query to for any sales inquiry.




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